trans mission partnershipsSince 1990, Trans-mission Partnerships has responded to needs in Romania showing dignity and respect particularly to the most vulnerable. Ability unlocked is a natural development with a focus on those with additional needs.

We focus on the town of Oradea which, being on the border of Hungary boasts a mixed and diverse culture, changing all the time because of "western influence". On a typical day in Oradea, many people with additional needs stay at home, often through embarrassment, yet on the streets you still see poverty, people of all ages begging or rummaging through the rubbish bins. But culture is changing with an explosion of coffee shops, fast foods, and nice cars. Travelling overseas has become more popular, especially with young people, changing their perception of lifestyle and values.

friendsFor this reason, we feel the time is right for raising awareness on behalf of those with additional needs. To create dialogue and partnerships with 'the west'. To share positive experiences and empower those with additional needs to see become advocates and history makers, working towards "inclusion" for all.


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