With so much charity work taking place around the world, we feel it's vital to be transparent in all we do. For this reason we show DBS details for Pete Malkin and will expect similar from team members when they visit our projects in Romania. Likewise, we show endorsements from people connected to our work, both in the UK and from within projects in Romania.

pastor linz alexanderPastor Linz from New Life Church, Warwick:

On a recent visit with a small team from Warwickshire, Pastor Linz who was visiting Romania for her first time, returned to write a report of her trip. This is an edited version (full report available) which not only affirms Pete but also, explains how he approaches his work.

Pastor Linz Alexander travelled with Pete Malkin to Romania, primarily with a view to taking a team from Warwick later in the year, and also as her church are one of Pete's sponsor's she felt it was a good occasion to understand the work he is involved in first hand. 

Pastor Linz describes Pete as an honourable, committed Christian with a Pastoral heart. He's committed to help and support front line projects and where possible,he  supports the setting up of new projects with vision, resources, staff and volunteers. She also spoke about Pete's Networking skills and his ability to identify people's gifting and find ways for those gifts to be used, noting also how Project Leaders often turned to Pete for leadership advice and potential support. 

Finishing her report, Pastor Linz says "Unequivocally, Pete Malkin and his work in Romania has our support and backing".  

Claudia writes:

I’ve met Pete some years ago, I think 2013. And I saw God’s hand working through him. He had a special heart for people, especially for people with disabilities. Seeing Pete’s serving heart I realized that God still has His servants in the world! Pete even arranged for me to go and visit England! He took care of our needs there. He is such a carrying person, funny, knowing how to bring people together. I always thank the Lord that I had the privilege to meet such a wonderful person as Pete.

When we started a small group of people with Disabilities, in my town Orastie, Pete was there to encourage and had a positive impact in my life and not only! He supported us as a group, and whenever he visited Romania he stopped with us, encouraging us in our personal walk with Christ, encouraging and taking us into community, being a voice for us to the church and community leaders.

Maria, Founder of Casa Harului Holiday Centre wrote:

Most probably 2013, Pete offered me to go to UK for enlarging the vision of my work, but also to translate for a couple in their 60th, Ioan and Maria. Pete has been part of their work for some years and wanted to take them to UK like a small reward, but also to see if some support could be found for Ioan, to make his life easier. The amazing thing about Ioan is that he’s being blind, but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he helps others, taking humanitarian aids into deprived families in villages near their home town of Aiud. Pete can tell you more about their work amongst the poor. Also he might be able to provide a picture of them.

For first time I met the couple at the airport, first flight for them, anxiety and worries. As we took off, Maria was amazed of the view, both enjoyed the flight. Pete was at the other end waiting for us with a big smile, open arms and heart, so welcoming! I know he lived on very little, even so he paid for flights and supported all accommodation and travel expenses around places, yet, he made as feel like he is the richest person… Having Christ in his life makes him rich! I remember visiting a visual impairment group, having fun, walking on the streets in Stratford upon Avon, Ioan being chased by the goose… trying to describe such a new world, touching the old buildings, feeling the pavement just before zebra crossing. Eating in public was a problem, as Ioan has not done it for a long time. It has challenged me, and blessed me big time and I am sure that they had memories to talk about for a long time after.

ALSO from Maria, Founder of Casa Harului Holiday Centre .......

I reconnected to Pete about 7-8 years ago. The ministry (Casa Harului holiday centre for disadvantage kids) went well, a routine was established, my husband was running it. Having our kids it made me to pull back from the joyful ministry, and I guess there are seasons in life when you go down… And I was there, in a middle of such a beautiful ministry, yet, so dry and depressive to me! I was desperately needed a change. My brother encouraged me to go for Uni degrees in Psychology and Education. Huge step for me as my world was just the project at Casa Harului. Same time I’ve reconnected to Pete. Most possible he wouldn’t recognise in me the low esteem, no confidence, no dreams person I became! Having that ‘over a coffee talks’ started to spark out that old of me, opening the venue, not just seeing the needs but make a step towards that. Starting to enjoy again that feeling of stepping out the comfort zone, taking risks, being challenged, realizing how much I missed out the years passed…

So, we starting to talk about a new project. Few months before I met a mother of twins Cerebral Palsy, no support, nothing to go on for them into their little town (Brad). Pete stepped in, spent some days/weeks there, walked on Brad’s streets, prayed, met people, met officials, kept in contact with this family, helping to make contact with others, then the very first meeting has been established as parents support group. Over 30 people turned up, incredible sharing. Some parents were neighbours, they did not realized that the child next door has a special need!

Part of Pete’s vision is to allow people to envision the work, therefore he took a small team to UK, on his own expenses, arranged to meet people and projects to open our minds and enlarge the vision on working with people with disabilities. Well, the twins Mother, Nuta (pronounced Nutza), was one of them. After a full week of total new experiences, on the way back she said to me: “My life is never the same, I could see now a future for my sons. The trip to UK was like a flight, going up, seeing few small things below, then into the clouds, and there is nothing to see. That was my life in Romania until now. When you are over the clouds you can see the splendour and beauty. My horizon has been changed, future of my children look different now.

Inspired by Junction 21 in Stratford, we started a Charity called Intersectia 21, as a support group for families. Now, when ever events are organized, the local Council is behind, the Mayor is very supportive to the work there, local businesses bring support in their own way, local school is integrating the children. That was a big battle and Nutza has been fighting and crying over it for years! Facilities are made in town for accessibilities of wheelchair. Yes, it was not Pete who done all this. He was the one who planted the seed, inspired and encouraged to get off the ground. People like him seems to disappear and be forgotten, like they never been there. But the work grows, and that is because seed of hope has been planted, watered with walking prayers, and committed the project to the Lord. The twins are now 14 years old. I already see in one of them leadership qualities, every summer they come on camp, and Lawrence is in leadership team, he is going to move Intersectia 21 forward. Another seed of hope planted because of Pete sacrificial giving time and finances to come out to make a difference.

This is just one of many stories Pete has been impacted people lives and ministry.

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