Visits to the UK

We're building a network, of 'people partnerships'. To achieve this, we also bring people to the UK if we see long-term benefits to develop our work for those with additional needs, we call this a '"two-way street". Here are just four examples, but you can click below to see some of the other visits which took place. 

Nutsa and Maria:

Nutsa has twin boys with Cerebral Palsy. People's attitudes towards her family made life unbearable and this included stigma and prejudice from Teachers, parents and even other children at school. Maria agreed to contact a Government Minister in Bucharest and I agreed to bring Nutsa to visit special needs schools and centres, to give her some hope. Nutsa returned to Romania, set up a group for additional needs, convinced the local Mayor to get involved and before long, the school situation changed, shops gained ramps for access and life changed for Nutsa and family.

Hospice Eliana:

In Romania there are very few Hospice's. Adi and Ari set up a support for people coming to 'end of life'. Starting from scratch, they have been building a much needed facility in the village of Hapria, near Alba Iulia. Adi is a Social worker and Ari a Medical Doctor. We planned for Adi, Ari and their support team to visit Stratford upon Avon to make new contacts and support their vision. The main connection was meeting with Stratford Hospice and Myton Hospice from Warwick. Since returning to Romania, they adopted the idea of charity shops and a cafe/bookshop - see picture showing the cafe/bookshop filled with school children. 

Claudia and Andre:

Claudia and Andre (in wheelchairs) were regulars with Casa Harului - located in Varmaga, near Deva. Casa Harului, provide amazing camps for those with additional needs which are supported by teams from UK who raise finances and also help run the camps. We provided a little holiday for this small team and as you can see, we enjoyed a formal meeting with the Mayor. When you're with Claudia, it's impossible not to smile and a highlight was taking Andre to a Boxing Club because he's a big boxing fan. He even got padded up to fight Pete!

Alexandra (in wheelchair)

Alexandra from the town of Hunedoara, probably made her twin sister jealous by enjoying a visit to the UK with her father Remus. (her twin is not disabled) They came as part of a team to enjoy a short holiday. In the team were Ed and Zina who have helped us with events in Alba Iulia. The picture shows us preparations for returning to Luton Airport and back to Romania. Alexandra has the most beautiful smile.


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