This is just the start. Keep watching and discover many more amazing, remarkable people with additional needs who are a huge inspiration to us all. 



florina paints with no handsA beautiful and quiet young lady, who lives in a village outside Oradea. she will reach the special milestone of 21 years old very soon. 

Despite having a rare skin disease, Florina attended a mainstream school and was able to pass her High School exam. However, Florina is a REMARKABLE young lady because of the pictures she paints.

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On a recent visit to Florin, as always I was inspired. What an amazing young man. To think he's always been a young man full of life, participating in various challenging sports and with a bright future ahead of him. Now in a wheelchair and uncertain if he'll ever walk again after an accident he was involved in.

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AnnVolunteer & donor Ann

Ann is amazing. Despite some health issues, she has given her time and money to gather beautiful clothes, toys, baby baskets etc for babies and children in Romania. Over the past 12 months, Ann has filled our little van with three van loads of wonderful and needy gifts. Never once, has Ann given us an items which is not good enough or worthy. Day after day, Ann buys new items almost new, good quality 2nd hand items. Thank you Ann and God bless you for all you do to help others.





Happy Easter to my lovely church family you all know that I am autistic I want to tell you my full testimony ahead of my plans to trial run and run my autism ministry, I was homophobically bullied at school when I was 17 and it made me suffer from really bad mental health problems which led to situation that happened at college that was out of my control which led to me having dark thoughts about committing suicide

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