florinOn a recent visit to Florin, as always I was inspired. What an amazing young man. To think he's always been a young man full of life, participating in various challenging sports and with a bright future ahead of him. Now in a wheelchair and uncertain if he'll ever walk again after an accident he was involved in.

Florin has accepted his new life and in fact, see's everything as a challenge. With a smile on his face, he told me about his father who has worked hard in his job at the railway for over 40 years - only one job. Now since his retirement, his father built a ramp into the house and is now digging a hole in the garden to create a small swimming pool for Flourin to increase help his therapy.

What inspired me most is his maturity. When I asked Florin "do you ever feel frustrated?" His answer....."of course sometimes but, in many ways I'm thankful for my situation because, when I look at my friends who go smoking and live a different kind of life, I would have probably been the same".

You can click on the link to see a short video he made during my visit. You will see he has a room with various pieces of equipment equipment which his father has also helped with. He made me laugh because he's got a kind of robot which cleans his floor and he uses Google to look after certain needs like, playing music or putting on lights.

He recently acquired a nice car with modifications and he's regularly visiting friends and socialising. Florin certainly fits into this section called "inspiration". He has a dream.....to have a racing wheelchair to train for the Paralympics. They are especially light and only approx 5 kg. Knowing Florin's positive attitude and strong Christian faith, it won't surprise me to see him on TV sometime in the future, representing Romania in the Paralympics.


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