no barrier too great cornel lemnariuA friend gave me a copy of this book, knowing of my commitment to support people with additional needs in Romania. I'm not the most enthusiastic reader, but truly enjoyed the honesty and transparency of witnessing the huge battle Cornel and Cati faced just to be together. the title "No barrier too great" correctly describes their challenges.

Noticing that Cornel and Cati now live in UK, I was able to make contact via face book. Next, Cornel has kindly provided the Romanian translation for this website and recently, I visited them at their home to meet 'face to face'. "Such is the power of technology" how friendships can begin and blossom.

It's no exaggeration to say I enjoyed my most tasty lunch in a long time - no surprise knowing Romanian hospitality! These pictures show something our time together. Cornel may be in a wheelchair, but he's a very talented man which fits perfectly in the vision of "ability-unlocked".

I encourage you to get the book and be inspired.



A day trip to the park with some special friends in Orastie.

orastie group

Claudia in wheelchair is a non-stop smiler and Facebook expert!   Gica in wheelchair is the nephew of Ovidiu who is a wearing red cap. Simona who is wearing black, will be supporting Dinah to re-establish a group for meeting regularly.

orastie parkTrue "social distancing"

no barrier too great cornel lemnariuAs you will have noticed, the website now has translation from English to Romanian. I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to Cornel Lemnariu who is doing this amazing work for us. Contact was made with Cornel after reading an amazing, inspiring book about him and his wife Cati who against all odds, succeeded in being married despite Cornel's disability. A truly amazing story. 

Cornel and Cati now live in UK and through facebook, we have become friends. I'd like Cornel to share something of his story later on our website (in Romanian and English....) those who'd like a copy of the book which is in English, we can arrange this. The title "No barrier too great"

Over the past few months, the name Covid has become known across the world and is a constant topic of conversation. We all have our own theories about Covid but two things which stand out to me - first, it shocked me how fast the world has changed. Secondly, most of us were required to 'self-isolate' and understand something of the mental pressures of losing personal contact 'day by day'. So let's all be more grateful for what we have in life and make more effort to combat isolation and bring 'inclusion' for those who aren't so fortunate.


dinah with additional needs materials1In July, Pete drove back to Romania with his van filled with resources for Dinah who is living in Orastie for a couple of months. Dinah will bring together those with additional needs who we've supported in the past and she's also helping with the amazing work of Tijs & Jessica among the Roma community in Geoagiu. Before leaving from UK, everyone in UK were wouldn't be safe....border controls will stop me getting through.... documents needed and proof I don't have Covid.... lots of negative stuff. Truthfully, I've always said the media completely 'hype-up' stuff and the journey proved this....NOT ONE border stop before Romania, no questions, no temperature taken and the van wasn't even opened to check contents from leaving Stratford upon Avon to arriving in Orastie. Don't be fooled by the media hype!

Following a few days behind, were Dinah and Sue driving Dinah's car. This was a huge challenge for them both, driving in Europe for the first time. Sue was amazing because, knowing she would return to UK after only a few days in Romania and facing 14 days self-isolation. They too had no problems or questions at border controls and they arrived safely to Orastie where I was waiting to be with them for a couple of days.



Focus on ability not disability

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No barrier too great - Cornel Lemnariu