no barrier too great cornel lemnariuA friend gave me a copy of this book, knowing of my commitment to support people with additional needs in Romania. I'm not the most enthusiastic reader, but truly enjoyed the honesty and transparency of witnessing the huge battle Cornel and Cati faced just to be together. the title "No barrier too great" correctly describes their challenges.

Noticing that Cornel and Cati now live in UK, I was able to make contact via face book. Next, Cornel has kindly provided the Romanian translation for this website and recently, I visited them at their home to meet 'face to face'. "Such is the power of technology" how friendships can begin and blossom.

It's no exaggeration to say I enjoyed my most tasty lunch in a long time - no surprise knowing Romanian hospitality! These pictures show something our time together. Cornel may be in a wheelchair, but he's a very talented man which fits perfectly in the vision of "ability-unlocked".

I encourage you to get the book and be inspired.



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No barrier too great - Cornel Lemnariu