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The heart of what we do is people and partnerships, see below some of our special people who are part of our work, including short video's to inspire.

Hopefully you'll be inspired watching this video, a snapshot of my work from Romania and Ukraine.

Change Makers
- An amazing team of people with additional needs who travelled to Romania from Canada, showing us the only limits are those we put on ourselves and inspiring many from similar situations, bringing hope. Trans-mission Partnerships have also taken small teams of additional needs from Romania to UK, touching the hearts of many. 


EDN (European Disability Network) are an informal network across Europe, united with the purpose to encourage churches to include and involve people with additional needs.


First aid trip to Ukraine, resulting in the name "Trans-mission Partnership" being established.


Florin is a perfect example of not giving up, replacing sympathy with courage and hope. Read more about Florin.


Inspiration - This is just the start. Keep watching and discover many more amazing, remarkable people with additional needs who are a huge inspiration to us all. Read more about inspiration for our work


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No barrier too great - Cornel Lemnariu