My friend Sorin invited me to help take donated food to people hidden away in mind-blowing situations, all living in extreme poverty. We filled his car with food donated through the church. Despite the grey and wet conditions, we were warmly welcomed everywhere we visited, people's eyes filled with joy as they saw fresh food. This is just a snapshot of our day.

group by large pipes

Around Oradea, the ugly site of former communist pipes, provide  'home' for this community. To obtain warmth between the pipes, a 'tunnel home' is made.

small boy sitting at entrance large pipes

Little boy sitting at the entrance of the 'tunnel home' where he lives alongside family and friends.


christmas shoe boxesVisit to Oradea Romania 12th – 17th December 2019

A team of four of us from the UK arrived in Oradea very early on Friday morning Romanian time after a wet and tiring journey. Ready for bed but excited to see how God was going to use us. Pete had gone ahead of us with a van full of gifts donated in the UK including hats, gloves, scarves, socks, toiletries, hot water bottles, toys and a very generous donation of many pairs of brand new children’s shoes. Two days earlier, Pete visited this old peoples home, singing Christmas carols, reading the bible and praying together.

Focus on ability not disability

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