no barrier too great cornel lemnariuAs you will have noticed, the website now has translation from English to Romanian. I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to Cornel Lemnariu who is doing this amazing work for us. Contact was made with Cornel after reading an amazing, inspiring book about him and his wife Cati who against all odds, succeeded in being married despite Cornel's disability. A truly amazing story. 

Cornel and Cati now live in UK and through facebook, we have become friends. I'd like Cornel to share something of his story later on our website (in Romanian and English....) those who'd like a copy of the book which is in English, we can arrange this. The title "No barrier too great"

Over the past few months, the name Covid has become known across the world and is a constant topic of conversation. We all have our own theories about Covid but two things which stand out to me - first, it shocked me how fast the world has changed. Secondly, most of us were required to 'self-isolate' and understand something of the mental pressures of losing personal contact 'day by day'. So let's all be more grateful for what we have in life and make more effort to combat isolation and bring 'inclusion' for those who aren't so fortunate.


dinah with additional needs materials1In July, Pete drove back to Romania with his van filled with resources for Dinah who is living in Orastie for a couple of months. Dinah will bring together those with additional needs who we've supported in the past and she's also helping with the amazing work of Tijs & Jessica among the Roma community in Geoagiu. Before leaving from UK, everyone in UK were wouldn't be safe....border controls will stop me getting through.... documents needed and proof I don't have Covid.... lots of negative stuff. Truthfully, I've always said the media completely 'hype-up' stuff and the journey proved this....NOT ONE border stop before Romania, no questions, no temperature taken and the van wasn't even opened to check contents from leaving Stratford upon Avon to arriving in Orastie. Don't be fooled by the media hype!

Following a few days behind, were Dinah and Sue driving Dinah's car. This was a huge challenge for them both, driving in Europe for the first time. Sue was amazing because, knowing she would return to UK after only a few days in Romania and facing 14 days self-isolation. They too had no problems or questions at border controls and they arrived safely to Orastie where I was waiting to be with them for a couple of days.



Going out into the villages to meet families with additional needs is always a special time. Hospitality received is always amazing and despite sometimes difficult circumstances, there's always a sense of positiveness and joy. Sometimes, I'm able to take something to help but always, I return feeling the one who has received. I strongly encourage whoever you are to do something'll be surprised how special making these kinds of visits can be!

rebecca and ioanaRebeca is amazing and I previously wanted her to join us back to UK in March along with Dan Iancu, but Covid stopped this for now. Rebeca has such a caring disposition, full of joy and willing to help with anything. Rebeca can be an ideal person to help us attract young people as volunteers. Visiting Rebeca and her family was like visiting heaven. They live at the top of a hill, surrounded by natural beauty and animals everywhere along with a large family.

The picture shows Rebeca standing next to her older sister Ioanna who never stopped smiling. Ioanna became disabled after being given a wrong injection when she was six months. Rebeca describes her as her favourite sister who just LOVES it when friends arrive to visit. You will see the position Ioanna lies in her chair/bed and this is the same position she also sleeps at night. It's difficult to describe the modified chair but I'm wondering if someone reading this has any ideas or contacts, to help us improve the chair for sitting in during the day. At night, Ioanna is transferred into a bed but keeps the same position.

nicoThis is a special picture because, Callum who is a friend from UK donated this chair some time ago. It is a new chair and I've kept it waiting to find the ideal person for it. The lady is called Nico and also lives in a village close to Rebeca approx 35 km from Oradea. On her face book page there is a title "Super Neni" because she looks after her Niece during the day. Nico is amazing and you can see some of the crafts she makes. Imagine how difficult that must be with her hands as they are? Also look closely at her foot, you will see how she holds her mobile.

Nico is another example of what "ability unlocked" is all about. Like most others with additional needs, not wanting sympathy or to 'sit back' and do nothing, Nico is independent, capable and an inspiration to many.

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