Stepping Stones

child with stepping stonesWe see the path towards "inclusion" having three stages - we call "Stepping Stones". To succeed, we look to invest in people like Daniel who, despite his own disability, travels almost every day to visit those housebound, taking food and shopping. Daniel is their main contact to the outside world. By helping with local transport, soon a few people can become less isolated, here we have the first steps towards "inclusion". 

STEPPING STONE 1 - Local Groups, providing a natural extension of this vital work  -  focus on ability, not disability

Set up two or three local groups to meet in houses, having a homely environment. Meetings two days each week, creating friendships based on a relaxed programme.

STEPPING STONE 2 - A Day Centre - unlock the ability

centrea place to.....   

  • A place to make new friends and to feel they belong
  • taking part in planning programmes
  • use facilities, accessible for all
  • encouraged to participate, building confidence
  • take on new challenges

STEPPING STONE 3 - "Life Skills"  -  encouraged to become a voice for others

a place to.....   

  • discover new opportunities
  • increase confidence
  • enjoy learning new vocational skills - ie crafts; music; photography; using computer....
  • consider future employment -  connecting with colleges, universities and employers
  • go out from on regular excursions
  • receive Physio and massage, by trained workers
  • be involved in projects to help others

Focus on ability not disability

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No barrier too great - Cornel Lemnariu