walking aidSPONSORS – without sponsors, our work will struggle to develop. There's many ways to sponsor:

  • PRACTICAL SUPPORT– (ie) computers, wheelchairs, walking aids, crafts, musical equipment.....
  • CONTRIBUTE TO A PART-TME SALARY for someone with special needs (we hope to employ people with special needs to run the Day Centre and inclusion programme)
  • BECOME A KEY SPONSOR - contribute to the 'day-to-day' financial implications of the work. You might be looking to contribute positively to society or have a “Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR) to fulfil.

 Contact us for more details on how you can help us.

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A huge "THANK YOU to the following for the many times you have provided accommodation for Pete Malkin (including friends) over the years. We can't thank you enough.

In Belgium:  Wiesje, Hiskia and Daouda
In Hungary:  Istvan and Gyorgye


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