florinA young man aged 25 years years old. Florin loves life and always enjoyed sports, especially those which the biggest challenges. Sadly, an accident has left him confined to a wheelchair for an indefinite period, possibly for the rest of his life. Florin is a remarkable young man and admits he's come to terms with his situation. In fact, his disability has become his latest challenge.

Florin is desperate to learn English and join us on a visit to the UK and he's already preparing to send his wheelchair to a friend in South America because he'll receive a new chair soon. EVERY day, he does a minimum of one hour's physical exercise and he's currently looking into finding a Paralympic sport as his next challenge. 

Before his accident, Florin's also had a passion for working with children, playing games and inspiring them and I'm sure he will continue with this.You only need to be with him for a few minutes to feel inspired. Florin has no interest in sympathy and the disability just provides a next challenge. A remarkable and inspiring young man.


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