pete malkinIn July, Pete will be driving a van across to Romania, transporting medical equipment to help people with additional needs. Do you have any contacts within the medical services or have access to anything? The kind of equipment we're looking for are things like walking frames, rollators (similar to walking frames) crutches, wheelchairs. You may be aware of other items which can be helpful.

You will see from "stepping stones 1", the plan is to begin moving towards 'social inclusion' for those with additional needs and currently isolated. To bring together small local groups, maybe only three or four people. We can then have occasional events to bring everyone together. Of course, this is what we aim for!

Currently, Pete's working towards developing a group in Oradea to help set up the work in Oradea. The group is mainly people with additional needs themselves and are amazing people. As part of this development, it will be perfect to build a resource of medical equipment. One of the team in Oradea is a Physiotherapist and eager to work with families thus improving day-to-day life for those with additional needs. His name is Miahi and also lives as a house parent for orphaned children.

Having done several trips across Europe, we budget £1,200 for this trip. PLEASE..... if you can help with donations, or do a fundraising event, maybe a 'Zoom' quiz..... to help raise money for the transport, please see details on the website.

"Thank you"

Pete's work is totally voluntary at the moment, hence he needs the help of friends. 

Focus on ability not disability

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